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Business coaching for small business owners, seminars to excel in sales, communications, and more.
Plus motivational speaking for your private or corporate event!

Training Seminars

Increase sales with effective training & proven techniques. From qualifying clients to overcoming objections, proven follow-up systems, and more, my training seminars will teach you how to boost your sales!

Business Coaching

Find your balance, gain more confidence, set goals, live your dreams, and have more fun fulfilling your life and career dreams!

AND do it FAST!

Event Speaker

As a certified seminar leader, I help my audience communicate their “message” in a clear, concise, and credible way. I always base my workshops and keynotes on the needs of my audience.

Heidi in Action

Professional keynote speaker, trainer, and motivational coach, Heidi Parr-Kerner, inspires worldwide, success-driven audiences to lead more satisfied lives. Read more…

Heidi speaks at a variety of venues including corporations, universities, hospitals, non-profits, and more. Watch the video below to see Heidi in action!

Inspiration is waiting!

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Fake It ‘Till You Make It

Fake It ‘Till You Make It

I have a confession to make, I am a recovering introvert. Yes, it’s true! I wasn’t always the confident, dynamic speaker and businesswoman that I am today. Hard work, practice, training, and desire to grow will create a personal transformation for anyone, but especially for introverts like me.

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Life: The Balancing Act. 5 Must-Read Balancing Tips

Life: The Balancing Act. 5 Must-Read Balancing Tips

How often have you felt overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious; begging for an extra few hours in the day just to fit it all in and find the right life balance? You are not alone!  The struggle to “fit it all in” is indeed real. Trying to balance a career, family, health,...

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