How To Use Public Speaking To Grow Your Business

Whether you’ve never done a presentation before, or you if you are a seasoned professional, this program will give you the secrets and steps you need to take your business to the next level!

In a little over 2 hours you will create a talk that you can share in person, videos, and webinars that will have your audience asking for more…

Become a polished presenter and learn how to “quietly sell yourself” in front of your audience to attract the clients you want and deserve!

“A Step-by-Step Template….Guaranteed to Make You A Better Speaker!”

* Create a powerful six-step opening that will instantly build rapport and credibility

* Use presentation and speaking engagement to grow your business

* Sell your product or service to any audience from the front of the room

* Tell stories with proven techniques that will actually bring you new clients

* Close 50% of your audience who will want to book your services!

Heidi Parr Kerner is an internationally recognized seminar leader and sales presentation skills trainer. Her proven success techniques have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations to expertly market their products and services with confidence and flair!

(2) Downloadable Audio Set
Approximate Running Time: 135 Minutes


(1) Introduction

(2) The Opening

(3) The Grabber

(4) The Grabber Examples

(5) The Purpose

(6) The Purpose Examples

(7) How We Will Work Together/ 5 Bullets

(8) How We Will Work Together / 5 Bullets Examples



(11) Believe Examples

(12) Important Points/Overview

(13) Six-Step Opening Examples


(1) Six-Step Opening

(2) Meet & Greet

(3) The Close

(4) The Close Examples

(5) How To Support Your Points

(6) Selecting Your Important Points

(7) Storytelling

(8) Storytelling Examples

(9) Heidi’s Close

Also included are all of the handouts/worksheets that you’ll use to complete the course.

Public Speaking

A step by step system GUARANTEED to make YOUR Next Presentation (even if it’s your first) a HIT!

  • To attract new clients….Double your Income, build your Confidence, and make an impact through speaking!
  • A powerful six-step opening that will instantly build rapport and credibility
  • The #1 biggest mistake that business owners make in their presentations that reduce sales
  • 10 ingredients to create a talk that sells – you!
  • Body language tools and techniques to help you be a more POLISHED presenter.


$49.97  $39.97

“Heidi’s 6-step opening has given me more confidence and a framework to open every speech I give. It works like a charm and I build rapport with my audience immediately! “

Carrie Flintom
Speaker, Coach and Author, “Heroes in Heels”


“I really wanted to take my speaking to the next level and polish my presentation. Heidi’s template gave me real steps I could take immediately which took my speaking to the next level. I am now the speaker I always wanted to be! “

Petula Skeete is a multi Emmy Award-winning hairstylist for Robin Roberts, motivational speaker, and business entrepreneur.


“Heidi is an all-star coach! As I was developing as an entrepreneur I was also being asked to speak at conferences and events. I really needed to up my game so I reached out to Heidi. We have worked via Skype and phone. What a huge difference in my talks and confidence! I have since grown my business to include a brand that I sell on LIVE TV – on QVC! Heidi was right there, helping me hone my presentation skills and feel ready for my on-air debut!

Stacy Garcia
Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer
Stacy Garcia Global Lifestyle Brands 
Owner of LebaTex fabrics


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