Feeling STUCK? Can’t Seem to Get Out of Your Own Way?

1. Are you challenged with speaking up for yourself, being assertive, and sharing your opinions with others?

2. Do you have difficulty saying “no”? Always apologizing?

3. Do you feel fearful to move out of your comfort zone? Are you worried about what others think about you?

4. Does your personal image need a make-over?

5. Do you have anxiety when you speak in front of an audience?

1. Have you been told that your facial expression appears as if you are angry or annoyed? A.K.A. known as (the resting “b” face).

2. When you walk into a room of people you don’t know do you feel awkward and “wish” to escape as soon as possible?

3. Have you ever been told by others that you lack energy or enthusiasm? And this is not necessarily your intent.

4. Do you struggle with small talk, building rapport, and making a good first impression?

5. Are you uncomfortable with eye contact and often feel intimidated by others?

1. Do you tend to procrastinate when you have some projects that need completed?

2. Are you concerned about letting your guard down and being vulnerable for fear others will see you as weak?

3. Is it hard for you to ask for help? Feeling like you need to do everything yourself?

4. Are there passions and interests you want to pursue? Yet you feel stuck and have the “why bother” syndrome?

5. Do you find yourself over thinking thus not taking risks that might move you forward?

If you answered YES to any of the questions about that is where you can reach out to your Sisters, Charisma, Confidence and Courage.

Charisma wants you to have more FUN. Be playful. Smile. Practice being present, open and approachable and see the results you get!

Confidence wants you to speak UP. To hold your head high. Act as if you are confident. Practice speaking clearly. Use positive self talk. And take up space!

Courage wants you to take action. One step at a time. Do it even if you are afraid. It’s vulnerable to take risks. Courage will hold your hand. You are BRAVE!

If you need help in any of these areas whether it’s one on one or in my group coaching classes I can help! Please sign up for my discovery session here.



Here are some of the topics and areas I specialize in.
Let’s see what fits for YOU:

Networking Skills

  • How to make a powerful “first impression” in less than a minute
  • How to present your one line introduction and gain instant attention
  • How to confidently “mix and mingle” and “meet and greet” in 10 easy steps.
  • How to ask five “lead in” questions that spark conversation and explore the  need for your services
  • How to follow up on business leads, build relationships, and receive referrals

Public Speaking

A step by step system GUARANTEED to make YOUR Next Presentation (even if it’s your first) a HIT!

  • To attract new clients….Double your Income build your Confidence and make an impact through speaking!
  • A powerful six step opening that will instantly build rapport and credibility
  • The #1 biggest mistake that business owners make in their presentations that reduce sales
  • 10 ingredients to create a talk that sells – you!
  • Body language tools and techniques to help you be a more POLISHED presenter.

Jump Start Your Sales

  • How to qualify and ask the right questions to determine if this is a potential client
  • How to talk about your business in a way that people “get it” and get YOU
  • How to quietly sell your services through the art of language using key phrases
  • How to overcome any objection with confidence, and clarity every time – you will eliminate the dreaded “No, Thanks”…
  • A follow up system for voicemails and emails that will surprise you with quick returns
  • Non-verbal tools and techniques that are more powerful than what you say
  • How your personality and the communication style of your potential will make or break the sale!

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