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Michael Brand

Nonprofit Consultant

Heidi is an all-star coach! As I was developing as an entrepreneur I was also being asked to speak at conferences and events. I really needed to up my game so I reached out to Heidi. We have worked via Skype and phone. What a huge difference in my talks and confidence!

I have since grown my business to include a brand that I sell on LIVE TV – on QVC! Heidi was right there, helping me hone my presentation skills and feel ready for my on air debut!

In addition, to using Heidi as a coach for speaking, I have worked with her as a business coach and mentor and have hired her to coach some of the top executives in my business with excellent results.

I highly recommend Heidi’s services to anyone that needs extra polish in their presentations or extra confidence in their career!

Stacy Garcia


Fantastic event with many amazing women. Heidi continues to lead the way by connecting and empowering women.
Linda Stevenson

Athena Powerlink

You are an incredible leader who makes women feel safe to share their fears with you so that you can guide them…..to live their life purpose!!!
Carol Chanel

Certified Life Coach

After being a contracted speaker for 10 years, I was clueless about how to “sell” my training services to potential clients. With Heidi’s coaching, I was able to land three training gigs totaling over $11,000!
Nan Milliken Vaughn

Milliken Enterprises, Inc.

You are an incredible leader who makes women feel safe to share their fears with you so that you can guide them…..to live their life purpose!!!
Carrie Flintom

Author, Heroes in Heels

Heidi Parr Kerner has been an intricate part of our marketing plan to increase our customer satisfaction and how to create a positive work environment. I was introduced to Heidi upon participating in a leadership training that she was conducted through a local university. I was impressed with her background in psychology, her understanding of group dynamics, and her simple strategies she would share that could be implemented immediately in the workplace.

We hire Heidi on a regular basis to work within our many departments to help in the areas of Team Building, Customer Service, Handling Difficult Customers, Stress Management and Communication Skills. I highly recommend Heidi as she continue to help our leaders and staff to better understand ways to create a healthy work environment for staff and patients.

Bob Hoover

Revenue Cycle Director, Meadville Medial Center

“I have built a professional career on my speaking ability and I could not have done it without Heidi Kerner. It doesn’t show today but I used to be terrified of speaking, Heidi’s warm, supportive approach built the foundation I still use today when stepping on stage. I had no idea how to structure a speech but Heidi’s 6-step approach helped me gain clarity I can now apply to any topic. If speaking is important to your career do yourself a favor and hire Heidi Kerner!”
Marni Spencer-Devlin

#1 Bestselling Author, Business Consultant & Speaker

“I have been in the Direct Selling business for over 25 years. I have always been comfortable with public speaking yet Heidi’s methods for how to “speak” in a way to “sell my services” and get paid what I am worth as a speaker has been an added bonus to my business. Thank you Heidi!
Valerie Weaver

Jewels by Park Lane

“Working with Heidi is both nurturing and unexpected. She is compassionate in listening where you are coming from and energetic in her strategies to move you outside your comfort zone and forward towards progress. It was exactly what I needed when I decided to start my business!”
Debbie Peterson

Getting to Clarity

You are an incredible leader who makes women feel safe to share their fears with you so that you can guide them…..to live their life purpose!!!
Katrien Smets

Presentation Skills Coach

“I’ve known Heidi for almost 20 years now and have watched her perform as an actress as well as lead women’s groups. The work she does with women in very intensive, profound and powerful enriching their lives in so many ways. When I decided to create my own coaching practice I hired Heidi for just a couple of hours and within that time I had the confidence, tools and step by step plan to network and begin building my client base immediately! Within just 2 short months I have several new clients and organizations that have hired me to work with their team. Heidi is a gift to those she works with and I’m always grateful for her support and words of wisdom.”
Katarina Bothen

Actress, Producer, Presentation Skills Coach

Heidi Kerner was part of a “make-over” team that came to me fresh after a divorce when I felt I had lost myself, my confidence and my self esteem. I was hurt and angry and that came through on how I presented “on air.” As Heidi said, “I’d seen her several times on television and what struck me was a sadness, a heaviness of spirit.” . Heidi truly came to my emotional rescue at a time in need worked with me from the “inside out. Our mission was to remember and re-connect with who I used to be! As a result of only a few sessions with Heidi I learned some simple rules for boosting my self-esteem and to regain balance in my life. My homework was to work on self-forgiveness, recite daily affirmations about myself and to be present – enjoying time with my kids and finding time to connect with nature. I feel I’m in a completely different space now, have done a lot of healing and now I am happy to say I allow my light to shine through. Thank you, Heidi, for your support and inspiration!

To read more about Jill’s make-over: http://www.goerie.com/article/20130804/HERTIMES06/308049961/jill-mccormick

Jill McCormick

News Anchor, Jet 24 Action News

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