The Queen’s Academy is a series of lessons + an exclusive network with the purpose of supporting women in discovering their ability to go higher together.

“Join The Queen’s Court”

This intensive 5-week program is designed to cover topics such as: success strategies, overcoming fear, allowing yourself to be seen, and how to present like a Queen with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility! At the conclusion of the 5-week sessions, members will have created a treasure box of inspirational tools to help throughout any obstacle they may need to overcome This is an exciting opportunity to network and mastermind with like-minded women.

Royal Lessons that all Queens should know!

Polish Your Silverware
Polish up your Presentation Skills to Shine
Set the Table
Set the Stage for Successful Goal Setting and Achievement
Send The Invitation
Inviting others to meetings or groups you host
Proper Etiquette
Time Tested Protocol for follow up and manners
The Royal Wardrobe
Dress the Part that is Expected for the Situation
The Queen’s Wave
Your body language says it all
A Stiff Upper Lip
Gain emotional control and don’t take things personally
The Queen’s Duty
Sharing your Knowledge with Pride

With the Queen’s Crown Jewels
Heidi Parr Kerner is an internationally recognized seminar leader and sales presentation skills trainer. Also known as The Queen for over 25 years she has helped thousands of professionals create their business with confidence and flair!

“Heidi is an all-star coach! As I was developing as an entrepreneur I was also being asked to speak at conferences and events. I really needed to up my game so I reached out to Heidi. What a huge difference in my talks and confidence! I have since grown my business to include a brand that I sell on LIVE TV – on QVC! Heidi was right there, helping me hone my presentation skills and feel ready for my on-air debut! Hail to The Queen!”

Stacy Garcia

President, Stacy Garcia, Inc.

Looking for my 10 Royal Jewels…

Just Imagine…

  • Making a powerful first impression wherever you go
  • Walking into any room with confidence and poise
  • Building instant rapport through small talk
    Presenting your business in a clear and concise manner
  • Waking up everyday feeling inspired to make an impact
  • Feeling balanced between your business and family
  • Taking a little time for YOU “self care” everyday...
  • Looking in the mirror and being happy with you!
  • How to stop saying Yes when you want to say NO
  • Letting go of self limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Getting comfortable being visible on social media
  • Not taking things personally thus avoiding undue pain
  • Having a clear vision of where you want to go next
  • Support available to you for any challenge you have
  • You owning your POWER and creating the life you want

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