Sounds simple enough right?   But pay attention next time you are out in the community, and you will see this is not the case for many.

When you look a person directly in the eye you are saying, “I am confident” and “I am credible.”  If this is uncomfortable, a trick I use is to focus on the person’s third eye a term often used in yoga.  If you focus there it appears that you are looking the individual in the eyes.

Say Cheese!  A smile tells yourself and others that you are comfortable, confident and approachable.
Smiling makes others feel important and causes them to like you from the moment they meet you.

Learn what your body language is saying to others.  You may be sitting with your arms crossed because you are cold, but to someone else they may see you as “snooty” or “snippy.”
Make an effort to use open body language.   When you put your hands up when you are talking it says you can trust me, and that I am not hiding anything.   When you put your hands down unconsciously you could be saying I am trying to hide something from you. So watch your own body language!

Give the person you are having a conversation with your attention and focus.  When you speak with someone be genuine in your compliments and questions.  Be sincere and make sure you are “fully present” when you do communicate with them.   People will feel it if not.

Entering a room I always tell the women I coach to “puff up.” I see so many women walk into a room and they look “small.”   Learn how to take up more space in the room.    Tell yourself it is ok for me to take up space!  Realize that it is ok to be bigger than life!

If this all seems out of your comfort zone remember “fake it until you make.”  I can promise you if you try these tools on a regular basis and make up the decision to utilize these 5 secrets on a consistent basis people will start to be attracted to you, you will feel comfortable in your own skin, and your business will continue to grow.  Use these 5 secrets and you are on your way to being bigger than life!