Learn How to Deliver Your Message With Confidence and Credibility

In just 3 weeks you will have a talk that you can take on the road!

  • Create a powerful opening that builds instant rapport
  • Develop your 3 main points and deliver with sizzle
  • Design a “call to action” that brings you new business
  • Whether for video or any presentation get the structure you need which will give you the confidence you desire!

Limited spaces. Reserve your spot today.
All classes are recorded so you won’t miss a thing!
(Value $497.00) Special offer save $200 off for the first 10 people that sign up
BONUS includes a 3 hour downloadable audio with handouts after class completed


Wednesday, January 26th (3:00-4:30 PM) EST
Wednesday, February 2nd (3:00-4:30 PM) EST
Wednesday, February 9th (3:00 – 4:30 PM) EST

Heidi Parr Kerner is an internationally recognized seminar leader and sales presentation skills trainer. Her proven success techniques have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations to expertly market their products and services with confidence and flair!

” If you’re struggling to get your message out there, if you’re unsure how to position yourself, if your presentation skills are falling a little flat, this is the course for you!!! Heidi is truly teaching us how to “Present Like A Pro”! I’ve already implemented some of her formulas and have seen so much more engagement from my audience. I feel that the knowledge I’ve gained from Heidi’s presentation course can be applied to all areas of life. She truly gives you the support and confidence to OWN IT and speak up!!!”

Amy Hicks
Cannabis consultant

“Working with Heidi was definitely worth the investment. I’m feeling more confident that I’m on the right track and more polish and how I share my message. I love her energy and she listened to my needs and ideas and put me in the right direction. The program has given me structure and accountability and I’m now a business ready to go! It was the best decision, no question!”

Tharifa Wenrich
W/Be A Better You
Lifestyle Motivator


“Taking Heidi’s Present like a Pro was a business and mindset game changer for me.
She helped me build the confidence I was lacking and taught me how to speak and present in a much more professional manner!
Take this course if the opportunity presents itself! I promise you’ll be thanking yourself and Heidi later!”

Angela Rupp
CBD Advocate


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